Our Super Story | Super Guys Inc.
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Our Mission

Super Guys Inc.’s Mission

Super Guys Inc. is on a mission to make the world a better place to live. In addition to fostering a work environment that supports volunteerism and general do-gooding, Super Guys Inc. strategically invests 5% of its annual profit back into the communities it serves. Our loyal customers are even given a voice as to how these dollars are allocated, depending on the social cause of their choice. Heck, we even encourage their creative input for developing corporate-giving campaigns that really kick a–! In doing so, we will give our customers an opportunity to become superheroes too. Together, we shall build a loyal group of socially-responsible customers – on a mission to positively change the world


Join us in our fight to make the world a better place!


A Few of the Causes We Volunteer For & Support:


Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Camp ‐ www.entreprenerrcamp.ca
Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Regina ‐ www.bbbsregina.ca
Grant Road School’s “English as an Additional Language Program” ‐ https://grantroad.rbe.sk.ca
Mother Theresa Middle School ‐ http://mtmschoolregina.com
Ranch Ehrlo Society “Sport Venture” ‐ http://ehrlo.com/sport-venture/
Regina Food Bank ‐ https://reginafoodbank.ca
Sophia House ‐ http://sofiahouse.ca
Souls Harbour Rescue Mission ‐ https://www.shrmsk.com