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Our Story

“The Super Guys Inc.™ Story”

Super Guys Incorporated was formed as the result of the most unlikely of partnerships – an American-born student and his Canadian university professor!
The introduction occurred at the University of Regina; specifically, the First Nations University of Canada. Company co-founder Rashawn Nance happened to take an introductory business course, taught by fellow co-founder Bradyn Parisian. Mutually recognizing one another’s passion for business and helping others, the two instantly hit-it-off and developed a friendship. At the conclusion of the semester, Rashawn and Bradyn decided to go into business together – initially in the field of commercial window cleaning. The service offerings have since expanded to what they are today!
Both co-founders have always been committed to philanthropy and volunteer work, and giving back to their communities. It was immediately decided that the company would put a major focus on social responsibility and community leadership.
A ‘superhero’ theme was a natural and obvious fit for two guys that wanted to use business as a vehicle for giving back to their local community. The concept is fun, inspiring and exciting to build into the DNA of a service company. Deep down, Bradyn and Rashawn are just two big kids at heart (with children of their own). The idea of diving head-first into the world of comic books while earning a living was just too hard to pass up.
Our Co-Founders form the real-world equivalent of a dynamic duo. Legend has it that they do not sleep. They spend every waking hour fighting grime and saving innocent customers from their arch-nemesis – the unimpressive gang of industry competitors. Together, they are an unstoppable force that will not rest until every single customer has been liberated from terrible customer service and inflated prices.
Super Guys Inc. truly cares about every member of the team, and invests in continuous development opportunities for its staff; including access to personal financial management training. The company is proud to pay livable wages (typically 20-30% more than competitors), in an effort to improve the standard of living for our team members.

We are just Ordinary Guys Doing the Extraordinary! ™


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Bradyn Parisian, Super Guys Inc. Founder
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