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Our Story

“The Super Guys Inc.™ Story”



What’s a super GUY? According to the Collins dictionary it’s a “person of either sex.” But for this Co- Founder, it holds such a deeper meaning. When I think of “super,” I think of our local everyday heroes. The mother working two jobs to feed her children or the guy who shovels his neighbor’s driveway. It also means kindness of the heart, not for the purpose of recognition or praise. It means we show gratitude for our blessings and strive to help others who have fallen victim to economic misfortune.


Rashawn Nance came to Regina as an immigrant, with his two children. Fueled with drive and determination, he knew what he had to accomplish to make Canada his home. In an effort to maintain his status and follow his dream, he enrolled in University of Regina’s Business Administration Course and partnered with his professor to start Super Guys.  While his partner maintained a full-time position outside of the company, Rashawn focused on growing the business through sales and business development.  Essentially, becoming the face and heart of the company.  For Rashawn, Super Guys was more than just a for-profit organization. It meant, he now had the platform to help others on a larger scale. He could now give them the opportunity for normalcy and growth. He offers refuge for immigrants, those needing second chances, people with disabilities or anyone looking for a change. Super Guys continued to build a strong foundation and at the conclusion of the two co-founder’s partnership, they successfully reached low-six figures in sales. While the circumstances leading to the buyout were not entirely positive, the outcome for Rashawn was great. It was not easy, and the offer to buyout his partner was indeed not planned considering he wanted the co-founders to hand their empire down to their children. With the guidance of experience friends and business professionals of whom I trust, I have successfully navigated the new world (buying process) 😊.  Since purchasing his ex-partners sales, Super Guys will surpassed projections by over 400%!


Super Guy’s continues to be a socially responsible company with strong ties to the community and with it’s in-kind services. We recognize that our clients are vital to the success of Super Guys. Rashawn also recognizes that staff are his biggest asset, with collaborative efforts they can build a positive and successful company. Super Guys Inc. truly cares about every member of the team and invests in continuous development opportunities for its staff; including access to personal financial management training. The company is proud to pay livable wages (typically 10-20% more than competitors), in an effort to improve the standard of living for our team members. Without all of our staff, clients and contractors feeling truly appreciated and vital, our company cannot operate efficiently. With that being said, all of our staff opinions are as essential as if our owner said it himself.


Join Super Guys in our fight to continue promoting positive change. With the help of the community nothing’s impossible!



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